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In 25 years, TOBROCO-GIANT has evolved into a global player in the field of compact machinery, boasting one of the broadest portfolios in the industry. The extensive range of attachments ensures that all tasks can be performed with a single machine. As a result, GIANT machines can be used throughout the year for various types of work.

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Giant Compact loaders are pivotal in livestock applications, tailored to enhance efficiency and animal care on farms. These versatile machines navigate tight spaces in barns, facilitating tasks like cleaning, clearing manure, spreading bedding, and managing feed. Equipped with specialized attachments, they efficiently distribute feed, saving time and contributing to animal health.

Solutions in agriculture

Giant compact loaders, vibratory rammers, and vibratory plates are indispensable in construction, offering versatility and efficiency. Giant compact loaders, with attachments like buckets, forks or trenchers, handle tasks from moving to lifting, and trenching to digging. Giant compact loaders efficiently move heavy materials, such as a pallet of bricks, contributing to building structures of all kinds.

Solutions in construction
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Municipal operations

Giant loaders play a crucial role in municipal operations, ensuring cleanliness, safety, and efficiency in urban areas. Equipped for winter with snowploughs, they clear streets and sidewalks, contributing to safe passage. Year-round, they aid street cleaning, handle materials like gravel and mulch, and assist in landscaping projects such as planting trees, enhancing public spaces.

Municipal operations
Equestrian work

Giant compact loaders play a crucial role in equestrian facilities, streamlining tasks for horse care and maintenance. Their versatility and manoeuvrability are essential for creating a clean and safe environment for horses and handlers.

Equestrian work
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Giant compact loaders and compaction equipment play a crucial role in numerous landscaping projects. Landscaping professionals rely on them for tasks like excavation, grading, mulching, material transport, debris handling and compaction work, enhancing productivity and maintaining quality.

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