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TOBROCO-GIANT, founded by Toine & Caroline Brock, embodies the essence of Dutch ingenuity with a straightforward, no-nonsense attitude. The name TOBROCO, derived from "Toine Brock Construction," marks our dedication to craftsmanship. Meanwhile, GIANT represents the spirit of a mighty ant, capable of lifting 50 times its weight.


Developed in the Netherlands, build for the world

Over the course of 27 years, TOBROCO-GIANT has evolved into a global leader in compact loaders, offering one of the most extensive product portfolios in the industry. Our mission is to provide intelligent solutions that streamline daily operations across various industries, whether it's construction, agriculture, landscaping or municipalities. Our compact machines, paired with an extensive range of over 500 attachments and a continuous drive for innovation, aim to enhance work conditions and contribute to a more sustainable environment. Notably, our 100% electric machines operate not only emission free, but also quietly, making them ideal for nighttime use, alongside animals, schools, and healthcare facilities.

From our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands and Hungary, we design and produce wheel loaders, compaction machines, and attachments in-house. We use state-of-the-art technology and premium components from esteemed partners like Jungheinrich, Kubota, Bosch Rexroth, Honda, and Deutz, ensuring the highest level quality in the production of GIANT compact machinery and attachments.


TOBROCO-GIANT is on a responsible path of growth. Our aim is to make work across diverse industries more efficient, productive, and environmentally friendly for both individuals and society at large. Whether it's municipal tasks, construction, agricultural, tree care or any other field, we deliver powerful, 100% electric, compact, and sustainable equipment. We strive to consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

We nurture a positive work culture that encourages a sense of unity, fosters innovation, and supports personal and professional development.


TOBROCO-GIANT aspires to be the paramount global producer in its class of 100% electric compact loaders and compaction equipment. We incorporate feedback of our valued customers and aim to offer a 100% electric variant for all our machines in the near future. To realize this ambition, we continuously invest in R&D and expand with new, state-of-the-art factory facilities.

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