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Equestrian work

Giant compact loaders play a crucial role in equestrian facilities, streamlining tasks for horse care and maintenance. Their versatility and manoeuvrability are essential for creating a clean and safe environment for horses and handlers.


More than 25 years of experience in compact machines

500+ attachments for all tasks

36 different GIANT models

Strong dealer network in 60 countries

In manure removal, Giant compact loaders with specialized Muck forks efficiently collect and remove manure from stalls and paddocks, saving time and ensuring a healthy living environment. For arena maintenance, Giant loaders with grooming attachments level and condition riding surfaces, vital for safety and performance. Giant compact loaders also play an important role in hay and feed handling, transporting bales and feed bags to meet horses' nutritional needs. In barn cleaning, they clear aisles and remove debris, maintaining a safe and comfortable environment. Transitioning to zero-emission solutions, Giant electric loaders contribute to excellent air quality in enclosed equestrian spaces, benefiting the health of both horses and handlers. Their quiet operation

Machines for

Below are some machines suitable for equestrian work

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