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Giant Compact loaders are pivotal in livestock applications, tailored to enhance efficiency and animal care on farms. These versatile machines navigate tight spaces in barns, facilitating tasks like cleaning, clearing manure, spreading bedding, and managing feed. Equipped with specialized attachments, they efficiently distribute feed, saving time and contributing to animal health.


More than 25 years of experience in compact machines

500+ attachments for all tasks

36 different GIANT models

Strong dealer network in 60 countries

In muck removal, these loaders are indispensable for collecting and transporting animal waste, maintaining farm cleanliness. Additionally, they handle hay and straw bales, reducing manual labour and waste. For a sustainable approach, Giant electric loaders offer zero-emission solutions, creating a cleaner atmosphere for animals and farmworkers. Operating quietly, they minimize noise, ensuring a peaceful and productive environment in barns and handling areas.

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