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Giant compact loaders, vibratory rammers, and vibratory plates are indispensable in construction, offering versatility and efficiency. Giant compact loaders, with attachments like buckets, forks or trenchers, handle tasks from moving to lifting, and trenching to digging. Giant compact loaders efficiently move heavy materials, such as a pallet of bricks, contributing to building structures of all kinds.


More than 25 years of experience in compact machines

500+ attachments for all tasks

36 different GIANT models

Strong dealer network in 60 countries

Giant loaders excel in lifting, digging and demolition, whereas Giant compaction equipment takes surface compaction to the next level. Giant loaders are able to navigate through tight spaces, a crucial feature in urban projects where space is limited. Transitioning to eco-friendly solutions, Giant electric compact loaders, vibratory rammers, and plates provide a zero-emission alternative. They bring benefits like cleaner air, reduced noise, compliance with emission restrictions, cost savings, and a positive public image. In emission-restricted zones, these electric machines enable construction without compliance issues, enhancing urban infrastructure efficiently.

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Our compact machines are ideally suited in the construction industry. Check out some popular machines here.

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