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vibratory Plate GP2158SG

The plate compactor GP2158SG is a compactor with a foldable wheel set, making the machine easy to transport. The plate compactor is not only very easy to operate but also has a high compaction force of 21 kN. The 4-stroke Honda gasoline engine gives this plate compactor a power of 3.6 kW. This makes the TOBROCO-GIANT plate compactor suitable for professional use and heavy-duty work.

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Weight 109 kg
Centrifugal force 21 kN
Plate width 58 cm
Plate length 51 cm
Frequency 95 Hz
Engine Honda GX169
Cylinder capacity 163 cc
Rated power 3,6 kW
Fuel 4-stroke petrol
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vibratory Plate GP2158SG
gp2158sg giant trilplaat removebg preview
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