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G2700 X-TRA HD+ proves its worth at aumann:grün AG in Cloppenburg, Germany. Aumann:grün takes care of many construction sites in gala construction in confined spaces where a high-lifting, manoeuvrable loader is required that can reliably move loads – and which can itself be transported without any problems: The G2700 X-TRA HD+ from TOBROCO-GIANT has proven to be the ideal choice for this work over the past two years.

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Aumann:grün AG from Cloppenburg has existed in its current form since 2012 and takes care of all gardening and landscaping, green maintenance and green space management tasks for numerous customers such as housing associations, public institutions and private customers. This is done with a steadily growing team of now 70 employees. 
The multi-award-winning cmpany is run in a very family-like manner, with the management focussing on the good development of the team and positive internal interaction, which is equally reflected in customer service. The company has not only been recognised as a top employer and top training company as well as a particularly fast-growing company and for its high occupational safety standards, but has also been included in the association of family-friendly companies.
It goes without saying that a company like this also listens to the feedback and experience of its employees, who have to work productively with it every day. When purchasing machines and equipment, Michael Peters is on the Management Board of aumann:grün. Alongside CEO Matthias Aumann, he is responsible for managing the company, but also works in site management; he was impressed by the GIANT in action.

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Compact helper wanted

Peter explains: "Many of our construction sites are located in larger cities such as Bremen and are very small, which means that only compact machines can be used. At the same time, however, we need a loader that can not only lift but also transport an entire pallet of bricks, which is not possible with our existing loaders from different brands."
Sales employee Heiko Tammling from agricultural machinery dealer D. Lankhorst in Emsbüren finally brought a new brand of machine to aumann:grün AG. The employees and Michael Peters convinced themselves of the capabilities of the particularly powerful GIANT G2700 X-TRA HD+ through a demonstration and their own testing. The loader from the Dutch manufacturer TOBROCO-GIANT not only impressed with its power and manoeuvrability, but also with the fact that it can be easily transported on a car trailer due to its low weight - and can therefore be taken along flexibly.

More speed for paving

The GIANT is now always on hand when aumann:grün AG has paving work to do, as is currently the case with the complete redesign of the outside area of an apartmen block in Bremen. Here the GIANT handles the excavation with its "suitably large shovel",  according to Peters, and transports it away quickly. It also transports material and pavin stones on complete pallets to where they are needed. Michael Peters: "Previously, we always had to remove a few layers by hand before the pallet culd be moved. This not only cost our employees valuable time, but often also the nerves of a foreman. The GIANT saves both and ensures that we can make faster progress with our projects overall." 
Over the past two years, the GIANT has already clocked up several operating hours in which the G2700 X-TRA HD+ has mastered many challenges without any problems worth mentioning. Thanks to the proven quality and the described capabilities, the next wheel loader to be taken out of service at aumann:grün AG will also be replaced by a GIANT machine, and the company is now sticking with this brand. "Our employees say that they simply get on better with the GIANT thanb with other wheel loaders, and that's the most important thing for us," says Peters. 

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