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Elevating Performance with the new GIANT G2700E HD Series electric (telescopic) loaders

18 April 2024 TOBROCO-GIANT proudly unveils the G2700E HD series, a new addition to its electric (telescopic) loaders range, designed to elevate performance in the emission-free segment. Comprising three models - the G2700E HD, G2700E X-TRA HD, and G2700E TELE HD - these (telescopic) loaders prioritize efficiency, productivity and versatility.

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Performance is taken up a notch, as these loaders are powered by a robust 13 kW electric motor. Equipped with a heavy-duty 12-tonne axles, boasting an impressive 16.000 Newton pulling force, and featuring Hill-Hold control along with a 100% differential lock on the front axle, the G2700E HD series delivers unparalleled power and efficiency. The G2700E HD series effortlessly takes on the toughest tasks on every job site, farming operation or ground care application, perfectly blending high performance with a lower carbon footprint.

Versatility is key, with the G2700E X-TRA HD model offering increased lifting force for tasks such as transporting pallets of paving stones on the jobsite, while the G2700E TELE HD provides enhanced lifting height, thanks to a hinge point height of 3.71 meters. An optional hydraulic cooling unit optimizes performance when using hydraulic-driven attachments. Depending on the application, customers can select tires for each application, whether it's for maximum traction or reduced soil compaction.

A safety roof is equipped as standard and a foldable safety roof is optionally available for accessing low passages (below 2 meters). Engineered for operator comfort and ergonomic functionality, the G2700E HD series feature a comfortable cabin, ensuring long working hours without fatigue.

Front tires with calcium offer enhanced stability and traction, while Standard Torque Control ensures smooth driving and precise handling, empowering operators to achieve peak performance effortlessly. Exterior electric charging eliminates the need to lift the rear hood, enhancing operator convenience.

The introduction of the G2700E HD series underscores TOBROCO-GIANT's commitment to innovation, sustainability and customer focussed solutions.

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