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Johannes Jörke from Schönberg saves a lot of time and effort in his work with the G5000 Tele from TOBROCO-GIANT: The versatile, high-lift loader is used in the construction of riding arenas, in horse stables and for rearing bulls. Jörke received intensive advice from Harald Bruhns GmbH in Karstädt.

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The development of the Bruhns family business is a real succes story: Harald and Bernhard Bruhns founded the company in 1990 in Pröttlin and started with four employees. 33 years later, Bruhns employs 100 people at five locations with its headquarters in Karstädt. The company serves customers in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and has become the market leader over the years as a renowned agricultural machinery dealer. With the slogan "Bruhns leaves its mark", the agricultural and municipal machinery dealer with a total of 10 sales employees sells high-quality, intelligent machines to customers working in agriculture, the service sector and local government. 

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The range has also included compact wheel loaders from TOBROCO-GIANT for many years. Sales Manager Sarah Schilke says: "We feel comfortable as a GIANT dealer. Our maxim has always been stability and continuous development, which fits in very well with TOBROCO, a company that also focuses on high quality and customer proximity and is constantly working on new developments and optimisations of its machines and attachments." 

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Ideal for the construction of riding arenas

One satisfied customer is Johannes Jörke from Schönberg, who has been offering a comprehensive range of services since 2016 with a total of four employees and a large fleet of machinery and equipment. In addition to traditional agricultural contracting work such as forage harvesting, swathing or baling and landscape maintenance such as hedge trimming or winter maintenance, the contractor specialises in the construction of riding arenas. This means that Jörke reliably prepares halls and arenas from hobby clubs to the venues of topclass professional equestrian competitions so that they comply with the regulations. The outdoor ebb and flow riding arenas pose special challenges due to the foil laid in the ground and the irrigation pipes: To prevent the pipes from being damaged by excessive pressure, the arena can only be driven on with al loader with wide tyres. It must also be possible to push and lay the sand far in front of the loader using a rubber scraper so that the wet layer does not collapse and an even surface can be created. These requirements led Johannes Jörke to choose the G5000 Tele from TOBROCO-GIANT in 2021. The GIANT not only has 500 mm wide tyres, but also has a fourth hydraulic circuit. Jörke: "This ensures that implements such as hedge trimmers or branch shears can be operated: This means that the third function can be used in a latching manner and the fourth function is used to extend and tilt the attachment."

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Red-green is the trump card

But that's not all: TOBROCO-GIANT and dealer Bruhns want to fulfil the customer's wishes. Befor purchasing the G5000, Bruhns made sure that Jörke was able to test a G4500 extensively on hire, so that his experience could be incorporated into the purchase decision. When the company's own wheel loader was configured, Jörke requested a two-tone colour scheme for the loader, red on one side and green on the other, so that the GIANT would match the existing fleet of excavators and tractors. This unusual colour scheme was also implemented and was intended to have a great marketing effect for the wheel loader owner.

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Tireless in action

But the GIANT also performs other tasks outside of the contractin business: On Johannes Jörke's father's arable farm with bull breeding, the G5000 helps with loading and lifting material and straw bales, as well as with other tasks such as filling big bags for the seed drill. It also helps with wrapping silage bales and stacking straw bales during harvest time. The work here is well organised: The silage bale to be wrapped is placed in the machine by the loader, at the same time the GIANT can pick up the finished bale and stack it directly in the storage area. The straw storage area is located on a mezzanine floor above the barn. This is where the year's supply of finished bales is brought for harvesting. If the boxes need to be re-bedded, this can be done from the mezzanine floor through the bedding batches in just a few minutes. Johannes Jörke: "This way, I don't need to move any bales of straw outside the harvest time. I do the same in my horse stable". 

The conclusion: Jörke uses the GIANT wheel loader several hundred hours a year for a wide variety of tasks and has fund that the G5000 is not only more than up to the job, but also helps him to work more efficiently and comfortably. He is very satisfied with the performance and quality of the machine - and the competent Bruhns service team is always on hand to help him with any problems or maintenance work that may arise.

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