Logistics Employee

Start date Directly
Duration Temporary contract, with possibility of fixed contract in the future
Fulltime / Parttime Fulltime


The logistics employee is responsible for all activities related to the receipt, storage, internal and external goods distribution, materials and semi-finished products. The primary goal is to ensure a safe, correct and timely supply of materials to the prodcution and assembly locations, so that the planned production and throughput objectives can be achieved. The logistics employee acts in facilitating and supporting role. A customer-oriented attitude, basic knowledge of ERP / WMS and safe use of forklift and reach truck, EPT and stacker are the most important conditions. 

1. Description of duties / responsibilities
• Loading and unloading trucks and containers;
• Sorting and coding of goods and materials;
• Checking goods, materials and semi-finished products for content and quality;
• Identifying and correcting any errors or deviations on incoming orders;
• Preparing storage facilities for goods, materials and semi-finished products;
• Processing and monitoring incoming and relocated goods in the ERP system;
• Safe, correct and timely movement of goods, materials and semi-finished products;

• Completing and checking administrative documents;
• Collection and internal distribution of parts and rush orders;
• Picking and preparing spare-part orders for shipping;
• Processing returned goods;
• Inventory of warehouse stock through Cyclecount (stock count software);
• Proper use of forklift, reach truck, EPT and stacker;
• Keep orderly and tidy workplace, wraehouses and reception area;

• Identify and report unsafe situations and / or defects in equipment;
• Maintain contact with drivers / suppliers (guiding and dealing with requests, complaints or requests);
• Accountable to the team leader on duty.

2. Required training;
• Completed logistics oriented MBO education level 2 or 3, (Warehouse or Logistics) or strong affinity with logistical work and demonstrated work experience. 

3. Required professional knowledge / system knowledge
• Competent user of MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook);
• Knowlegde of ERP and WMS is a plus;
• Internal training courses are part of the training period.

4. Required personal characteristics / competences
• Customer Service Oriented and flexibility;
•Accurate with the ability to work well under pressure;
• Results and solutions oriented;
• Team player;
• Good communications skills;
• Good command of Dutch Language (minimum A2 level)

4. Required personal characteristics / competences
• Access to the ERP ans WMS systems after internal training;
• Use of forklift and reach truck, EPT and stacker, after certification and / or instruction;
• Escalations in consultation with supervisor.

5. Additional information

Fulltime/Parttime Fulltime – 40 hours per week
Position in the organization Division 4E Logistics
Department Logistics
Leidinggevende Team leader logistics



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