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Stone bucket for G2700E X-TRA

G2700E X-TRA Stone bucket

g2700e x tra stonebucket

Attachments for G2700E X-TRA

With a heavier weight of almost 2,600 kg and a pulling force of 12,500 N, the electrified G2700E X-TRA can perform heavier tasks than the smaller models. Lifting and transporting a complete pallet of pavers or tiles is no problem at all, thanks to the high tipping load of 2,300 kg. Additionally, the machine can be optionally equipped with various counterweights under the machine (up to 200 kg), further increasing the tipping load. Furthermore, the machine impresses with a lift height of 2.5 m. The G2700E X-TRA comes standard with a 260 Ah, 48V lithium-ion battery, with optional batteries of 390 Ah and 520 Ah. With two separate electric motors, 7 kW for propulsion and 12 kW for hydraulic work, there is always sufficient power to perform tasks precisely. Additionally, the machine regenerates energy when rolling out or descending a hill.

That's it!
G2700E X-TRA + Stone bucket
g2700e x tra tobroco giant
g2700e x tra stonebucket
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