Wheel loaders from GIANT with electric drive combine the best of both worlds. The electric machines offer the advantages of an articulated loader and work in silence and without emissions. This makes it perfect for carrying out work in buildings, among animals or on construction sites in urban areas. TOBROCO-GIANT believes in an electric future and has two different electric wheel loaders: G2200E and G2200E X-TRA.

Now is the right time to invest in a GIANT wheel loader that protects the climate, ensures less environmental impact and offers more comfort while working. Click here for a price request!


Wheel loaders with more pulling force

The electric machines have even more traction than the diesel variant. This power is directly available because a separate drive motor is used. A power of 6.5 kW is combined with 6-tonne axles that gives a tractive force of 12,500 N. Optimum traction is guaranteed by four-wheel drive. Three different driving modes ensure that work can be carried out precisely at all times. Because no hydrostat is used, the electric machines are nice and quiet.

A second electric motor is used for the working hydraulics. This has the advantage that the GIANT wheel loader consumes little power when it is driven a lot. With 12 kW for the hydraulics there is always enough power to lift even complete pallets of bricks.


Loading solutions

All electric models of TOBROCO-GIANT are standard equipped with a powerful 260Ah/ 48V battery. For even better performance, the electric wheel loader can be upgraded with a 390Ah, 48V or 520Ah, 48V battery pack. Recharging is no problem thanks to the standard on board 230V/ 40A charger.

✅ 3 different powerful battery packs

 Easy charging system

✅ 50% charge in 30 minutes

✅ Large range of quick chargers


Newest technology

Tobroco-Giant works together with Jungheinrich for the development of electric machines. This global and reliable partner has years of experience with electric forklifts and this knowledge has been used for the electric GIANT wheel loaders. The latest lithium-ion batteries are used because they last three times longer than lead-acid batteries, have a better performance and charge faster. The batteries are protected by an intelligent battery management system and can be recharged at any time without affecting their lifespan. Want to know more about the latest technology? Please contact us!​


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More and more countries are focussing on sustainability. Construction sites have to become more sustainable, but also in the agricultural sector machines are becoming more and more sustainable.

Governments and environmental organisations stimulate this sustainability with various subventions or advantageous purchase conditions. This could mean that you can buy a GIANT machine at a lower price.

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